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My Apple Favorites Disappeared after I Updated



  • Roger Crowley

    Tony helped me! I'm restored on May 15 after contacting support several times since March 25. 

    Try COPYING the files from the Dropbox folder structure below to the appropriate iCloud folder listed at the bottom?
    Make sure you copy so you don’t lose the source file.
    /Dropbox/Apps/iBird Pro North America/Lists
    /Dropbox/Apps/iBird Pro North America/Notes
    /Dropbox/Apps/iBird Pro North America/My Photos


    /iCloud Drive/iBirdPRO/favoriteslists
    /iCloud Drive/iBirdPRO/notes
    /iCloud Drive/iBirdPRO/myphotos


  • Harpo57

    I was not using icloud for my backup so all my favorites are lost.  No big deal as I just have to redo them.  Now the only problem is that when I go to make some new ones nothing shows up in my list.  I started a new list and have even tried to add to my default list but nothing shows up.  What is the solution?

  • Karina Cotton

    @geometry dash scratchThe only issue now is that when I go to make any new ones, nothing appears in my list.

  • Roger Crowley

    I wasn’t able to retrieve my list, favorites or photos after the update. Years spent relying on iBird to store my entries but now it’s all gone. I have tried but failed so deleting iBird and moving on to a more reliable system of identification and recording of my discoveries. So disappointing to have years of records just up and gone. Even my backups on external drives couldn’t help. 


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